About The Norwegian Guide Federation

Our goal: To protect the interests of all Norwegian tour guides and enhance the status of the tour guiding profession.

NGF contact:
Leder/chair: Kristian Bredby
+47 908 79 666 | E-mail: bredby@norgesguideforbund.no


To protect the interests of all Norwegian tour guides and enhance the status of the tour guiding profession.

  • To represent Norwegian Guide Associations in national and international forums.
  • Strengthen the professional education and training of Norwegian Guides.
  • To coordinate and distribute information and experience from local and international organizations in a uniform manner.
  • To professionally promote Norway through its membership.
  • To protect and make respectful use of national heritage and cultural monuments. 


NGF has developed an Education and Qualification Requirement Plan, and cooperates with accredited educational institutions in the practical implementation of course manament. In some places the local guide association arranges the courses.                                    


Regional education contacts have been appointed, and these can assist in arranging local tour guide courses. Only persons with an approved NGF exam or approved relevant experience can become a member of the Federation. Today the membership exceeds 500 members, through local associations and individual memberships. In places where associations do not exist, it is possible to apply for individual membership.                                             

Annual meeting/Natonal Convention

The Annual Meeting is NGFs highest authority and is set every year before April 1 at the National Convention. Held in a different location each year, to promote an integral understanding of and appreciation for all parts of Norway. As a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences, emphasis is placed on improving professionalism through continuing education  

The Federation has no employees, but is managed by a Board comprised of members from different areas of the country. The administration and activities of NGF depends solely on membership fees.

Motto: "United we stand stronger"

Membership in international organisations: Inter Nordic Guide Club 

Norges Guideforbund